Crypto Rookies Special – Krios App Review Participants

Hey everybody!

As many of you know, Krios are now mainnet, their app has been released in the Google Play Store, the platform is in it’s final stages of development, and conversations with high-volume exchanges are progressing, as a result.

What we also know, is that a lot of people, a few within our own community in fact, invested in Krios and then went on to do nothing but cause and create problems for them, even going as far as to hashtag SEC, FBI, and virtually every exchange out there. You read that right. They invested. They talked crap about the project, called it a scam etc, ate up countless hours of the teams’ time, and delayed progress, particularly with exchanges. Yes, there actually are people out there, that bloody stupid!

Unfortunately, some of these idiots are still entirely unaware of the progress that has been made by Krios (or perhaps just unwilling to eat their words?)! One more time: Going mainnet; having an actual working product, instead of just an idea; a functioning app/wallet on Google Play (and soon iOS); platform in latter stages of completion; exchange progress happening, now the exchanges realise that those idiots were, well, idiots!

So now they are entering into the Google Play Store, saying the same nonsense about how Krios have run off with peoples money, it’s a scam etc etc blah blah blah, and leaving one-star reviews! I honestly don’t know what more Chris and the team have to do, to prove that they are making more progress than the majority of ICO’s/projects out there, but there you go, that’s the planet we live on and there’s one born every minute!

So we suggested to Chris, that perhaps we could encourage our members (in the form of another lottery), to download the app and leave an actual, genuine review of it, in the Google Play Store! He agreed that this was a good idea, so here’s how it’s going to work:

i) Follow this link, to download the App (Android users only, iOS coming soon) – Link to Krios App/Wallet (Android);

ii) Leave your review in the Google Play Store, so that visitors have a more realistic review rating, to base their decision on;

iii) Drop me (Dan Jones) a message through our FB Community Group, letting me know you have left your review, with screenshot Link to Crypto Rookies Community Group;

iv) For an additional entry, please also leave a review in their FB Group, as the morons have skewed the ratings in there also! Only one prize, per person though, don’t be greedy!! Link to Krios FB Group.

We will be putting the prize structure ideas out to the community so that, as always, it is a democratic decision made for you, by you!

What we have to play with, is 20,000 KRI (ICO Value of $2,000USD)!!! Maybe 10x 2,000 KRI, 20x 1,000 KRI? Ultimately, you will all decide!

So for one minute of your time, you will end up not only having the Krios App to play with, but you will be in with another chance of snagging some more KRI, prior to platform launch and exchange listing. Plus, we get to do another lottery, and we love them!!!

Thanks in advance, to all of you who partake in this lottery, let’s get behind the Krios team as always, so that they can receive some further credit, that is certainly long overdue! I don’t think there will be another person this year, who will sleep as well as Chris will, when KRI lands on a quality exchange! It’s coming…

Have a wicked day everybody!

Dan  😀


Amon $5,000 Live Giveaway Tonight

Hey everybody!


So as well as enjoying the exclusive bonuses for the Amon ICO, our Pro/VIP members have also been entered in the $5,000 AMN Lottery. This will be conducted live by Mr. Bull, tonight at 9pm (UK time), in the Crypto Rookies Facebook Group. Link: Crypto Rookies Community Group


Prizes will be as follows:

10x $500 prizes, in AMN Tokens.


Odds of winning are:

1 in 5.4 



Please note, the list of eligible names have been posted in the pinned post, within the Crypto Rookies Facebook Group. Please check your name is there, if you are a Pro/VIP member and met eligibility requirements for the draw.


Good luck everybody, last $5,000 lottery with KRI was amazing and we can’t wait to do this again, with 10 winners this time out!!! We will likely do the same for the Aitheon $5,000 Lottery next month. Remember, our exclusive bonus code for the Aitheon ICO, is available to all Crypto Rookies members, up until the conclusion of the ICO!


Dan  🙂

Did somebody say BBC!?

Wow. What a great experience to be on 3 different BBC radio shows in one morning.

It all started getting up at 6am and heading the BBC studio at the Mailbox.
On arrival everyone was really nice and Terry looked after and sorted the most important thing which to make sure I had a brew. After that I was shown to a small studio where I was getting ready to speak to Ryan and Claire and Ryan on BBC radio Shropshire. After a quick line check I was ready to go. The interview went well and there were no unexpected questions and they seemed very engaged with the story…

China’s Alibaba Launches Mining Platform Despite Restrictions

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched a surprise cryptocurrency mining platform, unconfirmed sources surfacing today claim.

So let’s talk about BitConnect.

Firstly, a lot of people made a LOT of money by investing in the early stages/ICO.
However, it was always a Ponzi scheme (in our opinion) and as is the case with Ponzi schemes, all “good” things (and that term is used loosely!) must come to an end.

January Panic Dump! Another New Year Crash

No, we’re not talking about letting loose all that Christmas food.
Around this time, photos of January’s charts from previous years do the rounds, showing how the market always tanks mid-Jan. Every time, this causes mass-hysteria and panic, with no need.
Remember – two steps forward, one step back.

Crypto News: Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “encryption and cryptocurrency … take power from centralised systems and put it back into people’s hands”.

Cryptocurrency is a peoples revolution. In the same way the internet revolution brought decentralised information transfer, the cryptocurrency revolution breaks the next barrier by bringing us a system of decentralised value transfer, storage and measurement.

Datum Selected as Finalist in B4B Challenge

Datum Selected as Finalist in B4B Challenge

Datum is the decentralized marketplace for social and IoT data. Powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS.
As a finalist in the B4B Challenge’s Smart City Accelerator stream, Datum announces its entry into the Chinese market with an inaugural trip to Beijing. #TakeBackYourData #GetPaid