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Our Mission

The mission of Crypto Rookies, is to provide much needed guidance and advice, to the newcomers in the Crypto space, using the wealth of experience and knowledge, that we have obtained in our combined 10 years.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to get into cryptocurrency and learn more about the best buying strategies, the best coins to buy into & so much more.

Learn all you need to know

We know about your hectic schedule. Our course will teach you how to become set up to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrency in the shortest time possible.


Be in the loop about the latest crypto news & trends

In addition to our online course, we also post regular news regarding all things cryptocurrency, as well as an open forum for all members to discuss & post.

Our Team

James Bull

Co-Founder / Part Time Entrepreneur

James Bull is a Cryptocurrency, Sales and Networking Guru and aims to help you every step of the way in achieving your aspirations. 

James has worked for numerous large corporations such as Coors, Kelloggs, Carlsberg and Cadburys, although his real passion has always been investing, along with helping and training people to do the same.  

James has been trading markets since 2008 and his most notable success was turning £10k into £100k in just 9 months! 


Dan Jones


Dan is a certified Crypto/tech geek and serial entrepreneur, obsessed with the Crypto space since 2012.

Dan has a strong passion for the technical aspects and has built his impressive portfolio in that time, using his strong mathematical skills to his advantage.

Having already helped many of his friends to build their own portfolios, Dan continues to help “non-techy” people learn and understand the sometimes complicated space of cryptocurrency, so that they too, can realise their wildest dreams!

Between Crypto Rookies & PTE, James Bull has plenty of video reviews of ICOs. Our members get instant early access to James’ PTE Crypto videos before anyone else.

Confused by all the different exchange options? Who isn’t!? That’s why we’ve got a whole series of exchange reviews coming, just for you.

Pro & VIP Members of Crypto Rookies gain access our regularly updated Coin Calls & Reviews. Check out this free preview of our first coin brief that is available to all to celebrate the launch of our new platform! 

In addition to our online courses, coin briefs, reviews, Pro & VIP members also have access to our regular ICO calls for you to check and see our advice on the current market.